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Similar to the Maximus™ family, the Pharos™ family of chipsets offer high-performance, high integration, and is the longest reach ADSL PHY solutions for low-power, high-density, ATU-C line cards. The family consists of Pharos and Pharos III chipsets, both offering a full ADSL2/2+/2++ feature set for the next generation of high bandwidth services. In addition, Pharos III offers increased impulse noise protection (INP) and greater interleaver depth for the deployment of robust video and IPTV applications. Pharos differs from Maximus in that the line drivers are integrated with high density line cards. With its extensive feature set, Pharos is well suited for mini-DSLAM, RT, chassis-based DSLAM, and DLC equipment. With innovative eXtremeDSLMAX technology and multiple interfaces, Pharos offers the best in class solution for line cards enabling triple-play voice, video and data services.

The Pharos chipset consists of a monolithic single 12-port digital processor and two-port AFE with integrated line drivers that provide low-chip count, low-power, high-density implementations.
The digital processor offers performance and programmability for efficient and flexible line card solutions. The AFE device with on-chip line drivers is a highly integrated device that significantly reduces required external discrete components, thereby reducing overall Bill of Material (BOM) costs. The device features high-resolution analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter circuits, which provide the performance required for high bandwidth applications.


Pharos I Chipset Product Brief
Pharos III Chipset Product Brief
eXtremeDSLMAX Technology Brief
eXtremeDSLMAX Whitepaper

12-port digital processor and 12-port AFE
Ideally suited for high-density card designs. Customers are using the chipset to design 32-port, 48-port, and 72-port line cards
Low power dissipation and intelligent power management
Allows high port density line cards designs, reduces equipment OpEx, improves reliability
All ports capable of full performance
Each port is capable of supporting up to 50 Mbps downstream
and 5.5 Mbps upstream data rates and quad spectrum mode
Intelligent mode selection
Allows CO and CPE to train and operate in the most optimal performance mode depending on the line condition
Programmable chipset
Single chipset programmable for Annexes A, B, C, I and J for regional and global market, reduces inventory costs for chips
and boards
eXtremeDSLMAX technology
  • Up to 50 Mbps downstream service in quad spectrum mode which allows service providers to offer premium services
  • Extended reach for 12 Mbps and 24 Mbps services which increases customer base with existing infrastructure and ROI
  • Extended upstream of 5.5 Mbps data rates for peer-to-peer and gaming applications
G.dmt, G.lite, ADSL2, ADSL2+ standard compliant
Fully interoperable with over 70 ADSL modem vendors
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