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The first services that benefited in any real way from VoIP were behind the scenes services that the wireless operators and IXC’s implemented. They used Class 4 replacement switches and trunking gateways that were VoIP-capable to aggregate their voice and long distance traffic. Centillium developed the Entropia™ family of products to enable this type of equipment with high density, low cost packet trunking line cards. In addition, the Entropia™ architecture allows this same type of equipment to offer a migration to next generation Class 5 VoIP switches and media gateways for both wireline and wireless services.

As both new application service providers, such as Vonage in the U.S. and Yahoo Broadband in Japan, and traditional providers such as AT&T roll out new consumer and small business VoIP services, there will be a requirement for end-to-end secure VoIP communication. We will continue to leverage our expertise from the Entropia™ and Palladia™ product lines to offer secure VoIP-based CPE solutions.

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