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Our goal is to become the leading provider of semiconductor solutions for the global broadband access market, and our broad array of products embodies that goal. We design digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits and related hardware and software applications for:

  • Optical Networking equipment in the Central Office
  • Optical Networking equipment at the customer premises

We also develop award-winning Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products for:

Our system expertise is unsurpassed, and our culture of attacking technological challenges allows us to set the bar for reinvention and innovation in the broadband ac cess market. With extensive technology expertise in programmable digital signal processors, signal processing algorithms, digital chip design capability, mixed-signal chip design capability and system-level software, we are able to design superior communications products that have:

  • Flexibility through programmability
  • Higher data throughput
  • Low power consumption
  • Small size

For more information, visit our Optical and VoIP product pages.

Centillium Communications has finalized the sale of its DSL business to Ikanos Communications. For DSL products please visit


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