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Centillium’s VSP™ - One Platform, Many VoIP Networks

Centillium’s Voice Services Platform (VSP™) is designed as the consumer electronics industry’s first turnkey platform for the development and deployment of carrier-grade VoIP products. Architected from its conception to radically improve time-to-market and reduce the development costs associated with VoIP products, Centillium’s VSP combines all of the silicon and software building blocks needed to develop a VoIP phone system into a single platform.

Developed in partnership with AT&T to interoperate with industry leading soft switches, Centillium’s VSP enables telecom, cable and wireless equipment companies to easily develop and deploy VoIP systems that support any user environment with toll-quality voice, fax and routing functionality.



Possessing a high level of network intelligence, Centillium’s VSP can operate over any broadband access network (ADSL, cable, WiMAX, etc.) and has the ability to learn and adapt to the VoIP network of any service provider. It is optimized to maintain broadband network performance while delivering advanced calling features such as global phone number portability, virtual phone numbers, conferencing, superior echo cancellation and a host of other new features not available with traditional phone service.

Available now, Centillium’s VSP encapsulates the company’s powerful voice and networking engines with a complete production-ready software package that provides:

  • Application stability
  • Support for several real-time operating systems (VxWorks, RTEMS and Linux)
  • The latest Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) and H.323 protocols
  • A full range of CODEC support, support for WiFi (802.11a/b/g), auto provisioning and management options
  • Easy-to-use Web-based configuration tools

In addition, Centillium’s VSP offers a dynamic security framework that is designed to provide consumers with IP phones and VoIP gateways that deliver a strong defense against denial-of-service attacks while ensuring high Quality of Service (QoS) levels for packet-based voice traffic.

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