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Enhancements to VoIP voice quality, reliability, and service offerings are the key drivers creating the “buzz” for this technology, allowing it to “cross the chasm” to the mainstream market - consumers and small office users. Today, all major service providers in the US and many across the globe have announced or deployed services to their customers who are now slashing their overall phone bills by as much as 50%.

End consumers with broadband connections can today purchase cordless phones or a small telephony adapter box that plugs into their home network and connects to a simple “black phone” - to enjoy immediate VoIP service. These VoIP products are attractive as they preserve investment in legacy phones and allow an end user to take the box with them to receive calls anywhere.

Media terminal adapter boxes require a WAN connection, two RJ-45 connections for a phone and fax, and voice compression technology to allow calls while data is also being transmitted. Today, routing and security features are also becoming necessary.

Centillium’s knowledge base in VoIP technology is extensive - making us a perfect choice for a plethora of consumer VoIP applications.

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