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Entropia™ IV

Entropia™ IV is the next generation of our carrier-class Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) system-on-a-chip (SoC) processor. Entropia IV delivers approximately 20 percent performance increase for all supported wireless and wireline low bit rate codec (LBRC) over its predecessor, offering ultra-high channel density for next-generation networks while maintaining the robust functionality, field-proven software, and low power consumption that distinguish the company’s flagship solution suite.

Entropia IV offers system vendors powerful processing and superior voice quality for a broad range of VoIP applications, including carrier-class wireline and wireless networks, media servers, and as a replacement for traditional POTS telephony infrastructure. An IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-ready SoC, Entropia IV scales to meet the complex processing requirements of both fixed communications and mobile infrastructure, supporting convergence of traditional and premium services through next-generation networks. The new SoC utilizes the same software application programming interface (API) as the entire Entropia products suite, a field-proven software with more than 25 million wireless and wireline ports currently deployed worldwide.

Entropia IV embeds proprietary DSP and RISC network processors on a single chip for unmatched voice processing power and seamless management of wireless and wireline communications. The system assures better than 30 gigamultiply accumulate operations per second (GMAC/s) of DSP processing and one GOP of network processing to drive more that 1000 voice channels per chip. Sophisticated power management and market-leading port density contributes to the industry’s lowest power consumption, requiring less than three milliwatts (mW) per channel, including external SDRAM.

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