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With the advances in ADSL technologies and recently approved VDSL2 standard, delivery of quality video services has become a reality. Telcos strapped with declining voice revenues have embraced these technologies and are beginning to deliver triple-play, IPTV and premium video services to increase the customer base and the ARPU.

With eXtremeDSLMAX, Centillium has delivered the highest performance ADSL technology available. With downstream speeds of up to 50 Mb/s and upstream speeds of up to 5.5 Mb/s we enable many vertically integrated service providers to differentiate their video services and deliver the richest video experience available over an ADSL broadband network. In addition, with the recently announced eXtremeVDSL2™ solutions, Centillium will provide high symmetric data rates of 100 Mbps and enhanced QoS to enable the next generation of premium services.

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