HDplay™ Transceiver IC

4-to-1 HDMI™ v1.4a (3.0Gbps) with 5 Full HEAC & DisplayPort™ v1.1a Transceiver, SmartCEC™ Controller and Dual Parallel I/O Ports IC (TXC-44143)


TranSwitch’s TXC-44143 HDP(TM) v1.4a transceiver with full HEAC, SmartCEC™ plus dual parallel I/O ports IC can be used for DTV, Monitor, A/V Receiver, Home Theater System and A/V Converter/Switching Boxes applications. The TXC-44143 has four independent input ports of HDMI v1.4a at 3.0Gbps or DisplayPort v1.1a at 1.62/2.7Gbps dual mode receiver and is compliant with HDMI v1.4a & CTS v1.4a, DisplayPort v1.1a, HDCP v1.4, DVI v1.0 standards and supports 5 full HDMI Ethernet & Audio-return Channels (HEAC) with integrated 10/100Mb Ethernet PHY & analog switches. The device’s Phaswitch(TM)provides faster HDMI port switching capability, AnyCable(TM) with accelerated adaptive equalization greatly enhancing the long and cheap cables performance.

The TXC-44143 has two flexible parallel I/O ports and integrates 1 port HDMI v1.4a transmitter with full HEAC support. The device’s HDMI Tx includes SI Upswing (TM) for amplitude, slope and preemphasis & termination controls.

The TXC-44143 has built-in SmartCEC(TM) Controller which uses specialized MCU to facilitate embedded CEC bus for easy system implementations.

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