Corporate Overview

TranSwitch: Transforming Next-Generation Multimedia over IP

TranSwitch (NASDAQ: TXCC) was founded in 1988 by telecom systems experts to design and develop silicon integrated circuits and intellectual property solutions. Today, our company is based in Shelton, Connecticut, and powered by a team of innovative engineers and scientists. Through a cohesive fusion of client support, new product development, margin improvement, and operation efficiency, TranSwitch has been able to achieve consistent growth.

Our mission is to help OEMs and ODMs to transform best-in-class voice and video quality for the next generation multimedia over IP, while providing the full software platform and customer support needed for the fastest time-to-market. We will be entering the $1B + high-definition video Interface market in 2011, and will continue to invest in research and development for future innovations.

TranSwitch Technology

TranSwitch solutions serve broadband wireless and wireline markets. Our technology boasts strong differentiators in key consumer electronics market segments. TranSwitch's expertise has reduced the time-to-market from years to 6 - 8 months, while simultaneously enhancing the quality of our technology by 200 - 300%. With over 12 years of experience developing leading-edge IP designs, a wide portfolio of IP products, and worldwide patents held in 22 countries, TranSwitch is expertly equipped to provide the technology solutions you need.

Our specialties:

  • IC & IP solutions for HDTV and 3D-TV High Speed Interconnect
  • Communications Processors-based solutions for IP Multimedia CPE
  • Multicore Processor SoC and software solutions for Fixed, 3G/LTE/4G Mobile Infrastructure

TranSwitch is an ISO 9001 registered company. Incorporated on April 26, 1988, TranSwitch is a Delaware Corporation.