Customer Technical Support

TranSwitch's application and systems engineers focus on developing and delivering the most innovative semiconductor devices, tools and solutions to make customer design projects successful with the fastest time-to-market possible. Our team works closely with customers through all phases of their product development process. These professionals, who have comprehensive telecommunications and networking expertise, support the entire TranSwitch product family through the company's Web-based Technical Support and Information Hotlines, with personal assistance by an applications engineer if desired. We troubleshoot and resolve day-to-day challenges promptly and effectively. Field application engineers also are readily available to help resolve more critical issues at a customer's location.

Product support for customers is provided via the Inforouter and TSR systems.

Customer / Technical Support

Contact the HOTLINE via telephone, fax, or email.

Tel: +1.203.929.8810 x2257
Fax: +1.203.926.9453
Email: [email protected]