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IP Multimedia Customer Premises Equipment Solutions

TranSwitch offers a family of communications processors that provide best-in-class performance at the lowest power for a range of applications that require IP packet routing, encryption and voice processing at data rates of up to two gigabits-per-second. These applications include secure Triple-Play residential gateways, voice-enabled IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi routers, 3G and 4G fixed wireless terminals, IADs and micro-PBX routers.

TranSwitch’s communications processors are unique in that they support multiple services and applications simultaneously with no loss of performance due to the offload of packet classification, encryption, and voice processing to dedicated hardware engines including a voice-optimized DSP.

A comprehensive, robust and mature software codebase is also available that supports all applications and provides best-in-class JVM performance and HGI OSGi compliance. Additionally, complete reference designs are available, including turn-key home gateway and voice-enabled IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi router platforms that enable equipment vendors to bring products to market faster, at a lower cost, and with a higher return on investment.


Atlanta Communications Processor Family
Product Description
Atlanta™ 100 Product Family
Single core communications processor with DSP-based voice solution supporting 200 Mbps, wire-speed routing throughput performance
Atlanta™ 1000
TXC-62190 AH0G
Dual core communications processor with DSP-based voice solution supporting wirespeed IEEE 802.11n WiFi data throughput performance
Atlanta™ 2000 Product Family
Dual core communications processor with DSP-based voice solution supporting 2 Gbps, wire-speed routing throughput performance

Diplomat GPON/IP-DSLAM Product Family
Product Description
IP DSLAM controller fot Ethernet / ATM traffic
Diplomat™-ONT-G MDU
GPON ONT MDU/MTU System-on-Chip (SoC)
Diplomat™-ONT-G SFU
GPON ONT SFU/SBU System-on-Chip (SoC)

Mustang Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) Optical Networking Unit (ONU)
Product Description

PacketTrunk TDMoIP/SAToP/CESoPSN Solution
Product Description
PacketTrunk™-4 Plus
TDMoIP/SAToP/CESoPSN with High-precision Clock Recovery