PacketTrunk™-4 Plus

Enhanced TDMoIP/SAToP/CESoPSN Pseudowire Gateway Solution with High-precision Clock Recovery (TXC-06010)


PacketTrunkTM-4 Plus is an interworking gateway device that transparently transports TDM trunks over packet-switched networks (PSNs) using the TDMoIP, SAToP, and CESoPSN standards for T/E carrier circuit emulation services (CES). The single-chip device includes robust clock recovery, encapsulation, jitter and wander compensation, QoS support, and support for transport of structured and unstructured TDM signals. This packet processor serves as a building block for cards and systems requiring circuit emulation over IPv4/v6, MPLS, VLAN-tagged Ethernet, and L2TP.

PacketTrunkTM-4 Plus's DPLL-based quad adaptive clock recovery block provides rapid frequency lock and highly accurate phase tracking. The block provides ITU-T G.823/G.824 synchronization interface quality jitter and wander performance under real world PSN conditions adaptively by reconstructing the TDM clock based on inter-packet arrival time and jitter buffer fill level, or differentially using RTP. During phase tracking, the chip optimizes jitter buffer levels to minimize latency. Payload size is selectable over a wide range, giving end users maximum tradeoff flexibility between latency and overhead.

PacketTrunkTM-4 Plus is a highly-integrated ASIC designed for use in a wide variety of network access/edge applications that provides a scalable single-chip to multi-chip solution.


  • Hardware: T1/E1 Jitter/Wander Control to ITU-T G.823/G.824 “Synchronization Interface”
  • Hardware: Lost/Misordered Packet and Delay Variation Compensation
  • Hardware: QoS at Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4
  • Hardware: Supports CES Standards of IETF, MEF, ITU and MFA
  • Hardware: Supports UDP/IP, MPLS, VLAN, and Switched Ethernet, and L2TP Encapsulations
  • Software: RTOS-independent API-based Device Driver
  • Data Path: Four T1/E1/Serial or One T3/E3
  • Data Path: IEEE 802.3 Ethernet MAC
  • Data Path: Packet Jitter Buffer SDRAM
  • Microprocessor: Packet Jitter Buffer SDRAM
  • Other: JTAG Boundary Scan (IEEE 1149.1™)
  • Voltage: 1.5V Core, 3.3V I/O
  • Temperature Range: Industrial (-40ºC to +85ºC)
  • Hardware: Four Independent DPLL-based Clock Recovery Blocks


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