EtherMap®-3FE Pt

OC-3/STM1 Ethernet over SONET/SDH Mapper (TXC-04247)


The EtherMap®-3FE Pt is a highly integrated EoS device that provides formapping of 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet into SONET/SDH STS-3/STM-1Transport payloads with extremely low latency throughput. The devicesupports connection for up to four 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet ports, using SMII interfaces. Ethernet frames are encapsulated using either GFP, LAPS,LAPF or PPP/BCP protocol. The encapsulated Ethernet frames are thenmapped into either virtually concatenated low or high order payloads, suchas VT1.5 SPE/VT2 SPE/VC-11/VC-12/STS-1 SPE/VC-3, or into contiguously concatenated payloads such as STS-3c SPE/VC-4. Low and high order SONET/SDH POH generation and processing/termination is performed. A Telecom Bus provides the SONET/SDH interface. In addition to support for full-rate Ethernet transfer, over-subscribed Ethernet transfers are also supported using back pressure mechanisms (half and full duplex flow control) in order to prevent frame loss.Configurable external SDRAM is used for buffering Ethernet frames tosupport bandwidth oversubscription, highly bursty traffic and flow control operation. Buffers are used as well for receive SONET/SDH container alignment and differential delay compensation of low and high order virtually concatenated payloads. For both low and high order virtually concatenated payloads, optional on-chip standards based LCAS processing is provided to allow hitless dynamic bandwidth adjustments. A powerful hardware and RTOS independent EtherMap® family device driver provides full access to all the features of the device through APIs. It utilizes matched get/set functions and can be easily ported.


  • Four 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet ports, each using a SMII interface
  • Ethernet Jumbo Frame support, all modes
  • Ethernet Management interface for control
  • Low latency throughput performance
  • 64 ms differential delay compensation
  • Configurable transmit and receive buffers up to 512 kbytes
  • Provides IEEE 802.3 Half Duplex mode on 10/100 Mbit/s and Full Duplex mode
  • Provides IEEE 802.3 Management Statistics (RMON)
  • Ethernet frame encapsulation/decapsulation protocols:
    •ITU-T G.7041, Generic Framing Procedure (GFP)
    •ITU-T X.86/X.85, Link Access Procedure SDH (LAPS)
    •ITU-T Q.922, Link Access Procedure Frame Mode (LAPF)
    •RFC1662/3518, PPP Bridging Control Protocol (BCP)
  • Performs mapping/demapping of encapsulated Ethernet frames into/from low order (VT1.5 SPE/VT2 SPE/VC-11/VC-12) and high order (STS-1 SPE/VC-3) virtually concatenated payloads
  • Performs mapping/demapping of encapsulated Ethernet frames into/from a single contiguous concatenated (STS-3c-SPE/VC-4) payload or a single Low/High order (VT1.5/VT2/VC-11/VC-12/STS-1/VC-3) payload
  • On-chip LCAS processing (ITU-T G.7042) for low and high order virtual concatenated payloads
  • Glueless interface to external 64/128/256 Mbit SDRAM
  • Low Order POH and Pointer processing for 84/63 VT1.5/VT2/TU-11/TU-12 and 3 TU-3
  • High Order POH processing for STS-1 SPE/VC-3/STS-3c SPE/VC-4
  • Byte-wide 19 MHz parallel Add and Drop Telecom Bus interfaces
  • Per-port Ethernet side and SONET/SDH system side loopback for system level diagnostics
  • 16-bit wide microprocessor interface, selectable between Motorola or Intel
  • Boundary scan (IEEE 1149.1 standard)


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