Diplomat™-ONT-G MDU

GPON ONT MDU/MTU System-on-Chip (SoC) (TXC-07034)


The DiplomatTM-ONT-G MDU/MTU is a highly integrated, programmable single-chip SoC designed to address the needs for high performance Optical Network Termination equipment. Supporting the performances required for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) and Multi-Tenant Units (MTU) GPON-based units, this cost-effective solution offers flexible Ethernet connectivity to the Customer Premises Equipment. The DiplomatTM-ONT-G has embedded CPU interface to support the OMCI protocol stack and integrated SerDes and CDR for GPON connectivity.

DiplomatTM-ONT-G MDU/MTU is a member of the TranSwitch GPON portfolio. Its compati-ble with the solutions offered for Single Family Units (SFU) and Single Business Units (SBU) applications using the DiplomatTM-ONT-G SFU/SBU.

The DiplomatTM-ONT-G device is the latest addition to TranSwitchÆs robust DiplomatTM family of FTTx last mile customer premises access solution. TranSwitch's Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solution is Full Service Access Network (FSAN) compliant, to meet triple play service demands for MDU/MTU applications. TranSwitch provides a complete solution including, embedded firmware load, device driver, APIs evaluation and evaluation kit with the device for supporting last mile PON access link. Data rates of up to 2.488 Gbps downstream and up to 1.244 Gbps upstream PON enables service providers to provision native TDM, Ethernet, and packet service qualities manifested in high bandwidth. TranSwitchÆs family of high bandwidth devices supports 1:128 split ratio, enabling 128 ONTs on a single GPON link. In addition to packet services, the TranSwitch family of devices enables native TDM and ATM services to be delivered over GPON.


  • ITU-T G.984 GPON interface supporting:

    2.488 Gbps downstream and 1.244 Gbps
    upstream bandwidth

    52 x T-CONTs

    FEC encoding and AES-128 encryption

    1:128 split ratio
  • Ethernet interfaces supporting:

    Two 10/100/1000 Mbps triple-speed Ethernet
    and an additional one Fast Ethernet, or

    One10/100/1000 Mbps triple-speed Ethernet
    and four additional 10/100 Fast Ethernet

    Pause frame flow control (full duplex), carrier
    back pressure in half duplex
  • Transparent GEM with 128 ports for native PDH interface
  • Seamless connection to Diplomat-IP for FTTx support
  • VLAN cross-connect functionality to map user traffic to T-CONTs
  • Carrier grade Ethernet processing:

    SrTXM / TrTCM/MEF10.1 color mode

    Per port-based DDR / Strict Priority scheduling

    8 queues per port on the UNI side, 2 to 24 queues per T-CONTs on traffic management model

    Flexible GEM port to T-CONT mapping

    Per port rate limiting with multi-cast replication

    WRED congestion management
  • RMII, SPI, PBI and UART, for local or external
    management control
  • 32-bit wide DDR2 SDRAM


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