The StreetFighter™ 100 (SF100) is the first of new generation of highly integrated CPE ADSL chipset solutions to provide all key functional blocks required to implement an ADSL bridge, router or home gateway solution. The SF100 chipset consists of two devices: a digital device and an analog device with integrated line driver. Designed for ADSL2/2+ performance, the SF100 digital chip contains a powerful physical layer engine capable of achieving data rates of up to 24 Mbps downstream, three times the speed of regular ADSL modems. Additionally, SF100 supports performance requirements for the G.dmt Annexes A and B, as well as G.lite and T1.41312 standards. The SF100 digital chip also integrates a RISC processor with memory management unit (MMU) for running router software suites.

StreetFighter™ ADSL2+ 4-Port WLAN

Palladia™ TRIO ADSL2+ Router with Data, Voice & Video

StreetFighter™ ADSL2+ Bridge/Router

Maximus™ - Central Office

On the home networking side, SF100 integrates a 10/100 Ethernet MAC with a standard MII interface for easy connectivity to local area networks. A USB 1.1 interface is available to connect to external peripherals.

The analog chip integrates high-precision analog front end (AFE) with 16-bit digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converter for throughput operation and an ADSL line driver, thereby reducing the total component count and the BOM cost.

The SF100 comes bundled with a complete RTEMS router stack including application software and operating system. Centillium offers a complete suite of application software that includes bridging and routing capabilities along with firewall functionality. This solution offers significant time-to-market advantage for customers who do not want to develop their own software stack.

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StreetFighter™ 100 Chipset Product Brief

Highly integrated chipset
Two-chip solution with integrated ADSL line driver, reduces overall BOM costs
Standards-based PCI 2.2, MII and USB 1.1 interfaces
Allows glueless connectivity to LANs and peripherals
Programmable chipset
Single chipset programmable for G.dmt Annexes A and B, and G.lite for regional and global market, reduces inventory costs for chips and boards
Open Software Architecture
Allows porting of customer-specific and 3rd party software stack, enables product differentiation
Bundled software
Bundled router and application software offers significant time-to-market advantage
Turnkey design
Complete turnkey reference design is available for fast time-to-market
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  Protocol Layer
  Broadband Service
  Service Providers & Enterprise
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