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Maximus enables multitude of premium services to reach additional subscribers up to 22,000 feet from CO

FREMONT, Calif., May 27, 2003 - Centillium Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTLM), innovator of broadband communications technology, today unveiled the highest performance ADSL technology with its MaximusTM 12-channel central office (CO) chipset. Maximus harnesses the power of Centillium's eXtremeDSLMAX technology to deliver up to 50 Mbps of downstream bandwidth and reach customers at distances up to 22,000 feet from the central office, while maintaining full backward compatibility with over 30 million deployed ADSL modems.

The eXtremeDSLMAX technology was introduced by Centillium in March and for the first time the benefits of this novel technology are available to the market in silicon form.

"Centillium continues to drive leading-edge ADSL technology and delivers the most advanced products required to maintain and strengthen our competitive advantage. We look forward to deploying Maximus as our chipset of choice for next generation platforms," said Yoshikazu Nishiwaki, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at SEI Networks.

With eXtremeDSLMAX technology, Centillium's Maximus CO chipset is designed to be adaptable to different line conditions and topologies found in various regional markets. Maximus achieves this through efficient use of the ADSL spectrum and intelligent ADSL mode selection algorithms.

"eXtremeDSLMAX features are exactly what Japanese consumers demand. Centillium's technology will help fuel the continued expansion of the fastest growing ADSL market in the world," said Ryoji Yoshihara, Manager, Broadband Solutions Operations Unit of NEC. "By using the ADSL spectrum efficiently, Maximus provides the highest performance among ADSL chipsets today."

Maximus enables a wide range of new services from 50 Mbps for short loops, to expansion of services to customers farther from the CO with Reach Extended ADSL (READSL). This unprecedented leap in rate and reach empowers service providers worldwide to reach additional customers that could not be served with traditional ADSL technologies and hence increase their coverage and their ADSL service revenue.

"Centillium's ADSL chipsets enable deployment of competitive bundled services," said Clive Hallatt, Director of Business development at Advanced Fibre Communications, a leading developer of broadband access solutions for the global telecommunications industry which uses Centillium's ADSL chipsets in its AccessMAX™ and Telliant™ systems. "By increasing the reach and rate of ADSL technology, service providers can effectively utilize their current network infrastructure for delivering additional revenue-generating services to a wider breadth of customers."

Centillium's Maximus CO chipset is fully compliant and backward compatible with ADSL standards. The technology will operate within the ITU-T G.992.1 (G.dmt), G.992.2 (G.lite), G.992.3 (G.adsl2) and G.992.5 (G.adsl2plus) standards. Thus, the Maximus CO chipset ensures backward compatibility to more than 30 million deployed ADSL modems worldwide.

More specific technical information about Centillium's Maximus CO chipset is available at the company's Website at

About eXtremeDSLMAX Technology
Centillium's eXtremeDSLMAX technology is a revolutionary feature set, which optimizes the use of the ADSL spectrum to make significant improvements in the downstream and upstream bit rates and extending the reach of ADSL service while maintaining backward compatibility with ADSL, ADSL2, and ADSL2plus standards.

eXtremeDSLMAX consists of several key features. eXtremeDSLMAX Quad-Spectrum (MAX-QS) and eXtremeDSLMAX Double-Spectrum (MAX-DS) offer increased downstream rates that go beyond the traditional 8 Mbps up to 50 Mbps and 24 Mbps, respectively, without introducing any adverse impact to the existing services. The eXtremeDSLMAX Long-Reach (MAX-LR) feature allows service providers to increase their ADSL coverage up to 22,000 feet (7,000 meters). The eXtremeDSLMAX Extended-Upstream (MAX-US) feature increases upstream rates to up to 3 Mbps. The eXtremeDSLMAX High Bit-Loading (MAX-HBL) feature allows more than 15 bits to be loaded per each ADSL DMT subcarrier.

About Centillium Communications
Centillium Communications, Inc. combines technical innovation and customer commitment to make broadband communications - in business and at home - a practical reality. The Company designs and markets communications chipsets for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) central office and customer premises equipment and for carrier- and enterprise-class Voice over Packet (VoP) gateways and switches. The Centillium Communications headquarters are located at 47211 Lakeview Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538. Additional information is available at

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