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Advanced chipset enables higher performance, lower power consumption, reduced design complexity

FREMONT, Calif., February 12, 2003 -

Centillium Communications, Inc., innovator of broadband technology (Nasdaq: CTLM), introduces the PalladiaTM 210 (P210) chipset for ADSL customer premises equipment (CPE). The chipset brings increased performance, cost-effectiveness, and reduced power consumption to the company’s Palladia product line.

The new chipset builds upon Centillium’s successful eXtremeDSLTM technology to double the frequency spectrum according to the pending ADSL+ standard. The P210 offers data rates exceeding 20 Mbps, making it the fastest ADSL CPE chipset available in the market today. This makes the P210 ideal for ADSL modems supporting next generation services that offer greatly increased data rates to subscribers. The ability to offer such services allows service providers to maintain their edge in a competitive broadband market, and to command a premium that will help boost their bottom lines.

The P210 is built using advanced 0.13-micron technology and consumes 50 percent less power than Centillium’s previous generation solution, the P200. This significantly simplifies the power supply section of the modem. Additionally, the P210 will pair up with Centillium’s next generation Analog Front End - line driver chip, which is designed to integrate increased levels of board functionality. These combined factors considerably lower the external component count and reduce the complexity of the modem design.

With the use of advanced process technology, the P210 delivers a significant increase in processing power over its predecessor. This additional power helps to support advanced system level features such as Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that are becoming essential in the competitive and feature-rich ADSL router market.

The P210 contains the MIPS® 4KcTM core with a Memory Management Unit (MMU). This will allow the use of real time operating systems such as Linux. Linux is an open source operating system for which numerous royalty free application stacks are available, further reducing the cost to customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturers.

“Centillium Communications is the recognized technology leader in ADSL,” said Todd DeBonis, Centillium Communications’ Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “This requires having a vision for what the market requirements will be further down the road and executing to it. With our eXtremeDSL technology, we were the first to deploy a solution supporting 12 Mbps ADSL service, which is currently the fastest ADSL service in the world. Once again, we are first to market with a solution that will allow service providers to make the next quantum leap in ADSL service speeds while, simultaneously, accommodating the desire of CPE manufacturers for a highly optimized system solution from the standpoints of power and cost”.

“Centillium’s P210 comes at the right time in our product development cycle” said Tsutomu Otani, General Manager, Solutions Product Development Division, NEC Access Technica, Ltd. “The P210 uses a RISC processor core like its predecessor, the P200. This allows us to make the most of our software developments while providing us with a vehicle to meet the demand from service providers for increased data rates. This is a critical goal that we must accomplish in order to maintain our leadership position in Japan, the most competitive DSL market in the world”.

“Centillium Communications has been our supplier of choice for ADSL chipsets since the start of our endeavors in the ADSL space,” said Yoshikazu Nishiwaki, General Manager, Strategic Planning Group, Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc. “Centillium’s continued innovation and support have proven its leadership in this challenging field. Centillium has delivered products that have helped us to position ourselves ahead of the competition in the ADSL equipment market. Once again, Centillium has confirmed its leadership as an ADSL chipset supplier by delivering a best-in-class product that meets the very latest in our needs for performance, power consumption, and system cost. We look forward to Centillium continuing to be our supplier of choice for our next generation ADSL modem platforms.”

Like its predecessor, the P210 enables a complete router on a chip. With a powerful, integrated RISC processor core, USB and Ethernet interfaces to the LAN side and an ADSL interface for the WAN, the P210 contains all the key functional blocks to develop an advanced ADSL router system solution.

About eXtremeDSL Technology

Centillium’s eXtremeDSL technology is a revolutionary feature set, which optimizes the use of the ADSL spectrum to make significant improvements in extending the reach of ADSL service and increasing the downstream bit rates. eXtremeDSL consists of two key features: eXtremeReach™ and eXtremeRate™.

The eXtremeReach feature allows service providers to increase the ADSL coverage area. With this feature, the total addressable ADSL market will increase, resulting in greater revenue opportunities for equipment vendors and service providers.

The eXtremeRate feature offers increased downstream rates that go beyond the traditional 8Mbps. This performance enables providers to offer bundled services based on different data rates.


The Palladia 210 is available for production orders now.

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