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New Line Driver Reduces Power Consumption and Footprint of CO and CPE Boards

FREMONT, Calif., June 5, 2000 –
Centillium Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTLM ), today announced availability of a five-volt line driver, further shrinking the size and power requirements of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) line cards and modems. The five-volt line driver integrates with Centillium's chipset solutions to enable manufacturers to design and build the smallest, lowest-power, and reduced component count ADSL equipment available on the market today.

For Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), the five-volt line driver eliminates the need for the 12-volt rail and power supply typically found in ADSL modems. This lowers the bill-of-materials (BOM) part count, reduces manufacturing costs, increases assembly yields, and allows for a more compact product design.

The Centillium Line Driver is also available for use in Central Office (CO) and Next Generation Digital Loop Carrier (NGDLC) equipment. By adding the Line Driver to its CO solutions, Centillium offers a comprehensive approach to power-efficient ADSL equipment. Centillium's partners are able to purchase complete solutions for full-rate, G.lite Turbo, and G.lite ADSL equipment.

By using Centillium's complete chipset solution, service providers can simplify the deployment process. ADSL modems based upon Centillium's solutions are extremely user-friendly and the CO equipment is highly flexible and power efficient, maximizing return on investment.

``Network service providers and end users are all demanding a simpler method of deploying and installing DSL,'' said Faraj Aalaei, CEO, Centillium Communications. ``Not only is it important to meet service provider and end user needs by supplying extremely energy-efficient, small ADSL modems, but it is also critical to provide a complete ADSL chipset solution for line cards which require minimal real estate or power. We've developed the Centillium Line Driver with the needs of our customers in mind.''

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