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Centillium Optimizer Chipset Delivers Highly-Integrated ADSL G.lite Modem Solutions for PCI Interface Including Universal DSL Chipset that Supports Japan and Rest of World

FREMONT, Calif., November 15, 1999 - Centillium Communications, Inc. today announced two new additions to the Optimizer™ chipset family of broadband-modem solutions for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), the Optimizer for PCI and the Universal Optimizer for PCI. Both versions of this chipset support the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Local Bus interface, enabling consumers to economically connect Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modems to personal computers for high-speed access to the Internet. The Universal Optimizer for PCI combines all of the features of the standard version with additional support for the requirements of the Japanese market, making the Optimizer the only proven and deployed solution that supports both Japan and the rest of world on a single platform.

The Centillium Optimizer chipset family is based on third-generation patented technology and delivers a complete ADSL G.lite (G.992.2) modem with just two chips, significantly reducing the form factor, power usage, component count, and cost normally associated with broadband access devices. Target market segments for PCI-based ADSL G.lite modems include configure-to-order PC OEMs and the consumer PC add-on market. End users include small office/home office (SOHO) professionals, after-hours workers, and consumers who want to improve their Internet experience. End users experience connection speeds that are equivalent to a corporate network, enabling fast uploads and downloads of files such as large email attachments, MP3 files, and digital video clips.

The Centillium Universal Optimizer for PCI is part of Centillium's family of Universal DSL™ products, chipsets that also support Annex C of the ADSL G.lite standard. Annex C addresses the unique characteristics of copper loop plants in Japan that require different technology than loops in the United States (Annex A). By integrating Annex C support, Centillium provides modem manufacturers with enormous flexibility, enabling them to design a modem solution for both Japan and the rest of the world. Centillium's flexible hardware platform allows end users to use a single ADSL G.lite modem anywhere around the globe.

"With this announcement, Centillium continues to drive the Internet revolution into the homes of consumers around the world," said Dori Braun, director of marketing for CPE products, Centillium Communications. "Consumer demand for bandwidth-intensive applications is skyrocketing, but bandwidth restrictions limit functionality and prevent consumers from experiencing services they want. Applications such as MP3, digital video clips, and teleconferencing are all deliverable with the consumer-deployable G.Lite technology. A PCI solution based upon Centillium's Optimizer chipset offers an inexpensive plug-and-play solution for virtually every PC connecting to the Internet - the ideal answer for consumers who are demanding solutions for bandwidth-hungry applications."

"Centillium now offers a complete portfolio of consumer desktop solutions for G.lite modem manufacturers and PC OEMs," said Faraj Aalaei, co-founder and vice president of marketing for Centillium Communications. "Since the G.lite standard is designed to promote interoperability and the PCI interface has been built into every desktop computer since 1994, consumers and PC OEMs can install modems based on the Optimizer chipset with confidence. In anticipation of the worldwide consumer demand for PCI-based DSL modems, several leading manufacturers - including Askey, CIS, Digicom Systems, and GVC - are already planning to develop ADSL G.lite modems with PCI Local Bus interfaces based on these new Optimizer chipsets."

Centillium Optimizer Chipset with PCI Local Bus Interface
The Centillium Optimizer chipset is the industry's most integrated high-performance chipset family for ADSL G.lite modems. It provides end users with high-bandwidth Internet access at speeds of
1.5 Mbps downstream and 512 kbps upstream over 'Plain Old Telephone Service' (POTS) - or up to 27 times faster than conventional 56 kbps analog modems. By integrating a PCI Local Bus interface, the Centillium Optimizer chipset eliminates the need for additional hardware and makes the chipset an ideal solution for the desktop PC market where low price and high performance are required.

The Optimizer chipset reduces DSL modem system costs by approximately 25% through device integration. This integration also reduces system power consumption and form factor. The chipset leverages Centillium's patent-pending DSP technology to integrate a PCI Local Bus interface into a single chip, eliminating costly external FPGAs, bus controller devices, hardware SARs, and associated memory.

Support for multiple communications devices is integrated directly into the Optimizer chipset, making it an optimal small business solution. An AC-Link interface supports soft V.90 analog modems, while an ISA interface supports external devices such as controllerless modems and Ethernet MACs. This feature provides end users with extra reliability for connecting to the Internet as well as the ability to receive faxes while connected to the Internet. The V.90 analog modem and ADSL G.lite modem can operate concurrently with automatic support for either mode. By contrast, other chipsets require that users throw a switch on the board to transition from V.90 to ADSL. The Centillium Optimizer also eliminates the need for a PCI bridge, an additional savings in this extremely cost-sensitive platform.

Software stacks support classic IP/ATM, RFC1483, and PPP/ATM protocols. The SAR function is supported via host processing at only 2% of CPU utilization (400 MHz Pentium), further reducing the overall cost of the solution. Since the modem does not depend on the host CPU to manage its operation, there is no deterioration in PC performance. The Optimizer for PCI operates in the Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 (when available) environments.

The Optimizer chipset family also supports the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface that features instant plug-and-play configuration and a built-in power source for the modem. Additionally, Centillium offers a complete line of Universal DSL solutions that support Annex A and Annex C including CPE chipsets for Ethernet, USB, and chipsets for the central office (CO).

Ordering information for Centillium CPE products are as follows:

Interface Product Number Application
USB CT-L22SU15 PC solution for notebooks and desktops

Universal USB CT-L42SU15 Global PC solution for worldwide markets

Ethernet CT-L21ST01 Router applications

Universal Ethernet CT-L41ST01 Router applications for worldwide markets

PCI CT-L22SP15 PC solution for legacy and new systems

Universal PCI CT-L42SP15 Global PC solution for worldwide markets

Product Availability
The Centillium Optimizer for PCI (CT-L22SP15) and the Universal Optimizer for PCI with Annex A and Annex C support (CT-L42SP15) are available immediately in OEM quantities. For sales information, contact Dori Braun at (510) 771-3417 or by email to [email protected].

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