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CopperLite™ Central Office Chipset Delivers Ultra-High Line-Density with 24 Ports Per Card

FREMONT, Calif., September 27, 1999 -
Centillium Communications, Inc. today announced that Copper Mountain Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMTN) has selected Centillium's CopperLite™ Central Office (CO) chipset for its new 24-port G.lite (ITU-T G.992.2) plug-in line cards. The CopperLite CO chipset provides all of the line card functionality needed to connect end-customers to Copper Mountain's carrier-class CopperEdge® family of DSL concentrators. With this new 24-port G.lite line card, service providers can offer businesses, telecommuters and residential users cost-effective, high-speed, always-on Internet and remote LAN access concurrent with lifeline Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) voice on a single copper loop.

CopperEdge 200 and CopperEdge 150 DSL Concentrators, installed in telephone company central offices or in multi-tenant buildings, allow Copper Mountain's Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and service provider customers to leverage installed copper wire infrastructure to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth. Copper Mountain's new G.lite line card protects carriers' existing investments in CopperEdge concentrators, allowing them to mix and match new G.lite line cards with SDSL and IDSL line cards already widely deployed in CopperEdge systems nationwide. The G.lite standard was developed to overcome deployment and cost obstacles inherent in first generation Full-Rate ADSL solutions, making it ideal for mass-market deployment.

"Centillium won our business with great engineering and outstanding system integration," said Joe Markee, founder and chief technical officer of Copper Mountain. "The CopperLite chipset solution not only passed all of our rigorous qualification tests, and met our requirements for high-performance and low power consumption, but also delivered the high-density solution we required to produce a 24-port line card. This is a real benefit to CLECs who operate within the limited confines of a leased central office space."

"This design win with Copper Mountain is a milestone in the market's acceptance of the CopperLite chipset solution," said Faraj Aalaei, co-founder and vice president of marketing for Centillium. "It positions Centillium as a key supplier of G.lite communication solutions to Copper Mountain, the leading provider of DSL networking solutions to CLECs."

"By selecting the CopperLite chipset solution for their G.lite line card, Copper Mountain has taken a very realistic approach to the ADSL market," said Al Gharkhanian, director of central office marketing for Centillium. "With very high line density and low power consumption, the CopperLite chipset provides a pragmatic, cost-effective next generation ADSL solution that is a true implementation of the worldwide G.lite standard. It literally delivers a quantum leap to the industry with two or even three times the density of Full-Rate ADSL line cards."

Centillium CO Chipset Solutions
The two-part CopperLite™ CO chipset consists of the CT-L21DC08 Digital chip and CT-L21AC08 Analog chip. Networking equipment manufacturers can use these cost-effective, power-efficient chip sets as the foundation for multi-port line cards in Digital Loop Carriers (DLCs) and DSL Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs), as well as next generation carrier-class platforms.

The CopperLite CO chipset is highly integrated and offers maximum port density, supporting up to eight DSL ports with just two chips. Very low power requirements help keep power dissipation to below 600 milliwatts per port on the chip set. Another significant advantage of CopperLite is that its analog chip integrates most of the external filtering (hybrid) typically reqired by other ADSL chipsets, thereby reducing the necessary hybrid-component count by half.

The CopperLite CO chipset is based on Centillium's software-upgradable Communications DSP, which ensures long product life cycles without the need for costly hardware upgrades. The chipset provides end users with high-bandwidth Internet access at speeds of 1.536 Mbps downstream and 512 kbps upstream - or up to 27 times faster than conventional 56 kbps analog modems - operating concurrently with POTS.

About Copper Mountain Networks
Copper Mountain Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMTN) develops and markets a comprehensive family of DSL solutions that enable high-speed internetworking over existing copper facilities. The company's mission is to enable carriers and other service providers to offer a full range of high-performance, cost-effective data and voice services over DSL that are easy to deploy, use, and manage. Copper Mountain's CopperRocket™ CPE family addresses the bandwidth, reliability, ease-of-use, and cost concerns of remote offices and users. Its carrier-class CopperEdge® DSL concentrators and CopperView™ network management solutions offer a robust and scalable platform for carriers and multi-tenant unit service providers to generate a high return on investment while satisfying the ever-increasing user demand for bandwidth. Customers wanting more information about Copper Mountain products can contact Diana Helfrich at (650) 687-3314, or visit the Company's World Wide Web site at For investor relations information, call toll free 877-INFO-CMTN (463-6268) or contact us at [email protected].

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About Centillium Communications
Centillium Communications, Inc. is a communication solutions company dedicated to delivering high-speed Internet access to bandwidth-hungry businesses and consumers. The company designs and markets Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) chipset solutions for central office equipment, DLC line cards, and customer premises equipment. Centillium's chipset family is the industry's highest port density, lowest power dissipation solution available to networking equipment manufacturers today. Centillium Communications, Inc. is located at 47211 Lakeview Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538. Additional information is available at

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