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Centillium CPE Chipsets Interoperate with DSLAM Products Based on Alcatel CO Chipsets; Centillium CO Chipsets Interoperate with Modems Based on Alcatel CPE Chipsets

FREMONT, Calif., August 2, 1999
- Centillium Technology Corporation today announced that it has achieved interoperability with ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) G.lite (G.992.2) products from market leaders Next Level Communications (NLC) and Efficient Networks. Modems based on Centillium's customer premises equipment chipsets passed multi-layer interoperability tests with the NLevel3 Unified Access Platform from NLC, which utilizes Alcatel's DynaMiTe ADSL chipset. DSLAM equipment based on Centillium's central office chipsets passed interoperability tests with Efficient Networks' soon-to-be-released SpeedStream modems and routers for G.lite, which utilize Alcatel's ADSL modem chipsets. Centillium recently demonstrated live product interoperability with equipment from NLC and Efficient Networks at SuperComm99 in Atlanta.

"Together with NLC and Efficient Networks, we have undeniably demonstrated the compatibility of Centillium's G.lite chipsets with ADSL chipsets from Alcatel," said Faraj Aalaei, vice president of marketing and business development, Centillium Technology. "Last month we also announced interoperability with the new full rate and G.lite chipsets from Orckit Communications. As a result, Centillium is now the only vendor delivering G.lite chipset solutions that are compatible with chipsets from the top two ADSL DSLAM vendors in the world."

"Efficient Networks tested its G.lite modems and routers with several DSLAM vendors utilizing G.lite line cards based on Centillium Technology's central office chipset products," said Peter Bourne, Director of Marketing, Efficient Networks. "We found that our Alcatel chipset-based customer premises equipment is compatible with eight-port G.lite DSLAM line cards using Centillium chipsets."

Centillium CO Chipset Solutions
The two-part CopperLite™ CO (central office) chipset consists of the CT-L21DC08 Digital chip and the CT-L21AC08 Analog chip. Networking equipment manufacturers can use these cost-effective, power-efficient chip sets as the foundation for multi-port line cards in DLC's and DSL Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs), as well as next generation carrier-class platforms.

The CopperLite CO chipset is highly integrated and offers maximum port density, supporting up to eight DSL ports with just two chips. Very low power requirements help keep power dissipation to less than 0.65 watts per port. The CopperLite chip set was recently used by Promatory Communications to build the industry's highest port density line card with 32 ports. Promotory's DSLAM can deliver 1000 G.lite ports in a standard 7-foot rack based on Centillium's chip set.

The CopperLite CO chipset is based on Centillium's software-upgradable Communications DSP, which ensures long product life cycles without the need for costly hardware upgrades. The chipset provides end users with high-bandwidth Internet access at speeds of 1536kbps downstream and 512kbps upstream over "Plain Old Telephone Service" (POTS) - or up to 27 times faster than conventional 56kbps analog modems.

Centillium CPE Chipset Solutions
Centillium recently announced the Optimizer™ USB chipset family, the most highly integrated, lowest power-consumption CPE chipset for consumer DSL modems. Based on third-generation patented technology, Centillium's Optimizer CPE chipset dramatically reduces the cost, form factor, and power usage normally associated with DSL modems. For the first time ever, modem manufacturers can develop business card-sized G.lite CPE modems, while carriers and consumers can leverage the preferred Universal Serial Bus interface to ease the deployment of DSL services.

About Next Level Communications
Next Level Communications is a technology leader in the delivery of integrated voice, data and video services over copper telephone lines. Headquartered in Rohnert Park, California, NLC is privately-held as a limited partnership between the Spencer Trask Company and General Instrument Corporation (NYSE: GIC). The company's flagship product, the NLevel3 Unified Access Platform, provides Digital Loop Carrier, Fiber-to-the-Curb and Node, Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer and full-service broadband access capabilities to the communications industry. For more information see

About Efficient Networks
Efficient Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EFNT) is a leading, independent supplier of DSL voice and data access products to the worldwide data and telecommunications markets. The company's SpeedStream customer premises product line includes a suite of external and internal routers and modems
all designed for simple, rapid installation and seamless compatibility. As a recognized worldwide leader in ATM/DSL market, Efficient Networks is a member of the ATM Forum, the ADSL Forum and the Universal ADSL Working Group. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Efficient Networks also has offices in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, northern California, Singapore, and
Virginia. For more information, see Efficient's World Wide Web home page at

About Centillium Technology
Centillium Technology is a communication solutions company dedicated to delivering high-speed Internet access to bandwidth-hungry businesses and consumers. The company designs and markets Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) chipset solutions for central office equipment, DLC line cards, and customer premises equipment. Centillium's chipset family is the industry's highest port density, lowest power dissipation solution available to networking equipment manufacturers today. Additional information is available at For sales information, contact Al Gharakhanian at (510) 360-5054.


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