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Compatibility of Centillium's CPE Chipsets with Orckit's DSLAM Systems and Chipsets Solves Mass Deployment Issues for Carriers and Service Providers

FREMONT, Calif., June 1, 1999
- Centillium Technology Corporation and Orckit Communications (NASDAQ:ORCT) today announced compatibility between the Companys' respective ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and G.Lite products. Centillium Technology's CopperLite™ and Optimizer™ chipsets are utilized by manufacturers as the basis for ADSL/G.992.2 (G.Lite) customer modems while Orckit's FastInternet™ DSLAM and the Fujitsu/Orckit SpeedPort™ DSLAM including Orckit's new full rate and G.Lite ADSL chipsets provide direct high-speed data connectivity over existing copper telephone lines for major carriers worldwide.

Centillium-based modems from multiple CPE vendors - such as Digicom Systems (a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology), Askey and GVC, - will be also be tested and certified by Orckit for interoperability. Compatibility of these consumer modems with Orckit's DSLAM systems is expected to help ease mass deployment issues for telephone companies and Internet Service Providers by making it possible for consumers and small businesses to purchase and install their own G.Lite modem products.

Both companies have developed G.lite chipset technology and are working together to make their chipset solutions interoperable.

"The Orckit DSLAM solution is currently one of the worlds most widely shipped ADSL systems. Achieving interoperability with Orckit will provide enormous benefits to carriers that no longer want to be the sole suppliers of DSL modems to their customers," said Faraj Aalaei, vice president of marketing and business development, Centillium Technology. "With compatible modems available from multiple vendors, including those with retail sales channels, customers can simply go to their local computer store, purchase a G.Lite modem, and plug into the Internet at high speed. This saves network service providers from the time and cost of ordering, stocking, and shipping customer premises equipment."

"Centillium supplies chipset solutions to some of the industry's most respected CPE modem OEM manufacturers," said Nigel Cole, Orckit's VP Business Development. "This relationship is part of Orckit's ongoing program to enable leaders in the retail CPE modem industry achieve interoperability with our G.lite ADSL technology within our DSLAM systems that are under deployment by leading carriers worldwide. The availability of interoperable customer modem products via retail sales channels will accelerate end-user demand for G.lite based services and as a result DSLAM deployment".

The companies will demonstrate initial interoperability of their products at the Supercomm'99 show in Atlanta, June 8-10, on the Centillium booth # 8717 and the Orckit booth # 4415.

Centillium CPE Chipset Solutions
Centillium recently announced the most highly integrated, lowest power-consumption CPE chipset for consumer DSL modems: the Optimizer chipset family. Based on third-generation patented technology, Centillium's Optimizer CPE chipset dramatically reduces the cost, form factor, and power usage normally associated with DSL modems. For the first time ever, modem manufacturers can develop business card-sized G.Lite CPE modems, while carriers and consumers can leverage the preferred Universal Serial Bus interface to ease the deployment of DSL services.

Orckit FastInternet™ DSLAM System
The FastInternet DSLAM is one of the worlds most widely deployed Digital Subscriber Line Multiplexer systems. With FastInternet, service providers and telephone companies can offer high-speed data access simultaneously with a subscriber's Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), using the existing wires. FastInternet comprises high performance, low power DSL modems plus a multiplexing system which concentrates DSL modem traffic onto the high-speed backbone network. The system enables telecom operators to use the same unified platform for migration from an IP or Frame-Relay backbone to an ATM backbone or vice versa, and from POTS service to ISDN, without changing the FastInternet hardware.

About Orckit Communications
Orckit Communications is a leading company in the field of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) solutions, which enable telephone companies and Internet Service Providers to provide high speed data services such as internet access over the existing copper telephone wire in the Local Loop. Orckit possesses both core silicon expertise and a wide range of DSL products, including its FastInternet™ DSLAM System with ADSL, and its CopperTrunk® HDSL and VDSL product lines. Orckit has key strategic alliances with several leading semiconductor chipset companies and telecom equipment providers. For more information about Orckit and its DSL solutions, visit Orckit's web site at

About Centillium Technology
Centillium Technology is a communication solutions company dedicated to delivering high-speed Internet access to bandwidth-hungry businesses and consumers. The company designs and markets Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) chipset solutions for central office equipment, DLC line cards, and customer premises equipment. Centillium's chipset family is the industry's highest port density, lowest power dissipation solution available to networking equipment manufacturers today. Additional information is available at For sales information, contact Al Gharakhanian at (510) 360-5054.


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