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32-Port Line Card Makes Deployment of G.Lite Services Cost-effective for Network Service Providers

FREMONT, Calif., May 24, 1999
– The economics of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology have just been made even more compelling for network service providers. Centillium Technology Corporation today announced that Promatory Communications, a leading developer of next generation broadband access systems has selected Centillium’s CopperLite chipset for a 32-port ADSL G.Lite (G.992.2) plug-in card for Promatory’s flagship product, IMAS™ (Intelligent Multiservice Access System). With 32 G.Lite ports, the new card will enable network service providers to deploy low-cost, high-performance ADSL services to worldwide markets more rapidly and cost-effectively than ever before.

The delivery of Promatory’s high density G.Lite line card helps network service providers - CLECs, ILECs, IXCs and PTTs - accelerate the deployment of high speed access services to the mass market, including consumers accessing the internet and telecommuters accessing both the internet and corporate networks. From the service provider perspective, G.Lite creates a new, high-speed access service offering for their customers, while minimizing incremental provisioning and installation expenses associated with such services. In addition, network service providers, have very little physical space for new equipment in central offices, making the footprint, a major concern. Promatory overcomes these challenges with high port-density-per-shelf G.Lite DSL plug-in cards based on the Centillium CopperLite chipset. Centillium’s chipset supports the industry’s highest port density – up to eight DSL ports per chipset – enabling Promatory to provide more DSL lines using less rack space in a central office.

"Centillium’s CopperLite chipset was the obvious choice for building high density G.Lite plug-in cards for the IMAS given our commitment to deliver the highest density solutions to our customers," said Steve Eich, chief technology officer, Promatory Communications. "Centillium delivered the highest port density chipsets available. We believe the ability to offer superior, high quality ADSL G.Lite services will give network service providers a competitive advantage with residential and small business DSL customers."

"The 32-port G.Lite plug-in card allows Promatory to offer the highest density equipment possible, which will enable network service providers to maximize their return on investment," said Al Gharakhanian, director of marketing for network products, Centillium Technology. "Service providers can now deploy ADSL G.Lite to thousands of subscribers from a single standard seven foot rack in central offices."

Promatory IMAS™

The IMAS is the industry’s first carrier class broadband access switch to combine support for multiple DSL transmission types with ATM switching. Extensive QoS capabilities enable service providers to deliver business quality services over DSL. Commercial customers can now receive the same guaranteed service levels they obtain and expect from T1/E1, frame relay, and ISDN, but over lower cost DSL access. The ability to offer superior, high quality DSL services gives service providers a competitive advantage with residential DSL customers and the ability to deploy tiered rate structures reflecting different service level offerings.

Centillium CopperLite Chipset

The two-part CopperLite CO (central office) chipset consists of the CT-L21DC08 Digital chip and CT-L21AC08 Analog chip. Networking equipment manufacturers can use these cost-effective, power-efficient chip sets as the foundation for multi-port line cards in carrier-class DLCs and DSL Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs), as well as next generation platforms like Promatory’s IMAS.

The CopperLite CO chipset is highly integrated and offers maximum port density, supporting up to eight DSL ports with just two chips. Very low power requirements help keep power dissipation to just 0.65 watts per port. The CopperLite CO chipset is based on Centillium’s software-upgradable Communications DSP, which ensures long product life cycles without the need for costly hardware upgrades. The chipset provides end users with high-bandwidth Internet access at speeds of 1536kbps downstream and 512kbps upstream over "Plain Old Telephone Service" (POTS) – or up to 27 times faster than conventional 56kbps analog modems.

About Promatory Communications

Promatory Communications, Inc. is developing the next generation in broadband access switching platforms, which address the service providers' requirements both today and in the future. Promatory is establishing a new standard for access switching technology with unprecedented levels of performance, intelligent features and greatly enhanced service capabilities. Promatory products are available via distributors and partners and target a wide range of Network Service Providers. Promatory is a venture backed start-up based in Fremont, California, and the company is a principal member of the ADSL Forum. For additional information visit or phone (510) 445-3855.

About Centillium Technology

Centillium Technology is a communication solutions company dedicated to delivering high-speed Internet access to bandwidth-hungry businesses and consumers. The company designs and markets Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) chipset solutions for central office equipment, DLC line cards, and customer premises equipment. Centillium’s chipset family is the industry's highest density, lowest power dissipation solution available to networking equipment manufacturers today. Additional information is available at For sales information, contact Al Gharakhanian at (510) 360-5054.


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