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-- May 19, 1998 -- Centillium Technology Corporation, a leader and innovator in the emerging market for DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) chip set solutions, announced today it has named A. Travis White as its president and CEO. Prior to joining Centillium, White was president of Sony Semiconductor of America (SSA) and senior vice president of Sony Semiconductor (Japan). Before joining Sony, White was chairman, CEO, and president of LSI Logic Corporation of Canada, Inc. from 1991 to 1996. He was also executive vice president of LSI Logic Corporation.

"Having known Travis since the mid-1970s, I can attest to his unique ability to manage with a sure hand and get results amid rapid market growth and change," said Wilfred J. Corrigan, chairman of the board and CEO of LSI Logic. "Taking the helm of a company such as Centillium, to compete in a fast-growth market such as the DSL chip space, is an ideal fit for his talents. Travis is one of the most straightforward and honest people I've ever worked with, and he possesses a rare ability to identify the right strategy and execute it very effectively."

White brings to Centillium more than 30 years of experience in operations, marketing, manufacturing, and engineering . During his 12-year association with LSI Logic, White served in various senior capacities in central operations and planning, worldwide assembly and test, and as senior vice president of European Operations. During his tenure, LSI Logic's revenues increased from $5M to well over $500M worldwide. In his former position at Sony, White was responsible for a $400M semiconductor business and oversaw operations for North America, managing a staff of 1500 employees. Prior to Sony and LSI Logic, White held various management positions at Texas Instruments, Fairchild, and Western Digital corporations.

White also brings to Centillium a successful track record in understanding and meeting the needs of telecommunications companies (telcos). At LSI Logic and LSI Logic Corp. of Canada he gained in-depth experience in supplying telcos and major central office (CO) equipment makers with leading-edge semiconductor solutions.

"When it comes to consistently delivering high-quality chip set solutions for major telcos, Travis has been there and done that exceedingly well," said Kamran Elahian, chairman and co-founder of Centillium. "The fact that he left a prominent position at Sony to join Centillium says a great deal, in my view, about the strength of our management team and our technology. We are pleased to have his expertise and leadership on board as we prepare for volume shipments of our DSL chip set later this year."

A Proven Management Team

White joins a proven management team at Centillium headed by company co-founder Elahian, a well-known figure in Silicon Valley and co-founder previously of Cirrus Logic and NeoMagic. White will work closely at Centillium with company co-founder and vice president of marketing Faraj Aalaei, a veteran of the telecommunications industry who previously served as director of access products at Fujitsu Network Communications and earlier at AT&T Bell Laboratories. White will also work closely at Centillium with co-founder and chief technical officer and vice president of engineering Shahin Hedayat, who previously served as vice president of the communications division at Cirrus Logic.

Under the leadership of White and Elahian, Centillium plans to ship a line of DSL chip set solutions that are fully compliant with standards currently being defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) G.Lite subcommittee, which is expected to serve as a catalyst in driving DSL services to the mass market in early 1999.

Unlike other DSL chip set vendors, Centillium is uniquely focused on developing, under one roof, an end-to-end solution that is 100-percent optimized for DSL, including a DSL-specific digital signal processor (DSP) customized to meet the needs of telcos and central office (CO) equipment makers.

Helping Telcos Meet Strong Demand

"The market demand for fast, affordable Internet access is overwhelming, and Centillium is perfectly positioned to play a key role in helping the telco industry meet that demand," said White. "I'm excited to be joining a company founded by a proven winner such as Kamran Elahian. Together, Mr. Elahian and I share a unified vision concerning the strategic advantages that telcos and CO equipment makers are seeking as they roll out DSL services.

"I'm particularly excited," White added, "that at the core of Centillium's offering is a DSP customized and optimized for DSL. Other DSL chip set vendors are essentially recycling their general-purpose DSPs for the DSL market. By contrast, Centillium's strategy is based on a commitment to developing, from the ground up, an end-to-end DSL-specific chip set. That is the key behind Centillium's differentiated offering, to be launched later this year. Its the right strategy, and it is a central reason why I came here to serve as chief executive."

About Centillium

Founded in April 1997, Centillium Technology is a fabless semiconductor company developing Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) solutions for manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. Centillium's family of DSL products are fully compliant with the G.Lite/DMT standard currently being defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The company was co-founded by Kamran Elahian, one of the best known figures in Silicon Valley. Mr. Elahian has co-founded two highly successful semiconductor companies, Neomagic and Cirrus Logic, as well as numerous other ventures.

Centillium has raised over $20 million from several leading investment firms, including U.S. Venture Partners, Walden International Ventures, Vertex Ventures, Korea Technology Banking, and VentureStar, as well corporate investors that include Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric, Sumitomo Electric Industries, GVC , Askey Computer, and ZyXEL Communications.


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