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1/20/2006 EPON Evangelists Talk 10-Gig -
Light Reading
Craig Matsumoto
1/19/2006 Light Reading -
Centillium Adds to Board
By Staff
1/12/2006 Electronic Design -
There's a Bright Light At The End Of The Fiber
Louis E. Frenzel
11/30/2005 VON Magazine - Go ahead and deploy Voice over WiFi in your enterprise, but be careful!
Daniel P. Dern
  The 802.11 wireless LAN protocols, like the Internetworking Protocol (IP) that the Internet itself runs on, werenít, it turns out, initially written with the anticipation of supporting telephony voice, or, for that matter, other real-time apps, just data streams. So itís no surprise that there are a few hiccups and challenges in making VoIP run over WiFi (which Iíll abbreviate as VoFI for the balance of this article)Ėpesky little details like bandwidth assurance, roaming both within an Access Pointís area, and from sub-net to sub-net without losing the connection, not to mention security. story
10/10/2005 Telephony - Can Telcos Avoid a Speed Race with Cable?
Vince Vittore
10/3/2005 AnalogZONE - NetworkZONE Products for the week of October 3, 2005
Lee Goldberg
9/15/2005 Is VoIP Ready for Wi-Fi - Internet Telephony John Kasha
8/1/2005 Software Suite Converges Wired, Wireless Networks - Wireless Net DesignLine By Richard Nass

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