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1/20/2006 EPON Evangelists Talk 10-Gig -
Light Reading
Craig Matsumoto
1/19/2006 Light Reading -
Centillium Adds to Board
By Staff
1/12/2006 Electronic Design -
There's a Bright Light At The End Of The Fiber
Louis E. Frenzel
11/30/2005 VON Magazine - Go ahead and deploy Voice over WiFi in your enterprise, but be careful!
Daniel P. Dern
10/10/2005 Telephony - Can Telcos Avoid a Speed Race with Cable?
Vince Vittore
  When cable operators get their hands on DOCSIS 3.0-compliant equipment, which could happen within a year if you are to believe some, telcos suddenly will be faced with a competitor that can offer high-speed access services faster than anything they've ever faced. By combining, or “bonding,” channels within the spectrum available on coax, cable operators, in fact, will be able to offer Internet access services up to 100 Mb/s. And while virtually everyone agrees that telcos will need to respond to such a looming threat, there is widespread disagreement on how to do that. Some vendors, pointing to the experience in Japan and Korea, where 100 Mb/s is available via VDSL, say telcos need to match cable operators in this speed race. Others believe the solution lies in marketing and bundling services. story
10/3/2005 AnalogZONE - NetworkZONE Products for the week of October 3, 2005
Lee Goldberg
9/15/2005 Is VoIP Ready for Wi-Fi - Internet Telephony John Kasha
8/1/2005 Software Suite Converges Wired, Wireless Networks - Wireless Net DesignLine By Richard Nass

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