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Information Systems Analyst II

Job number: IT200-PI

For immediate consideration, email your resume to [email protected].


This creative individual will work with Centillium's IS team to build state-of-the-art Java/HTML applications to support the tremendous business growth of Centillium. This programmer will experience the entire life-cycle of applications program development including design, development, test, deployment, and support. Silverstream Application Server, Java, and Oracle Databases, and SQLServer will be used.

  • Responsible for development and maintenance of applications for Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Operations.
  • Produce well-tested, scalable business objects, pages, and databases that will meet the requirements of the user community.
  • Communicate with the user community by written and oral dialog as well as proto-typing new applications.
  • Willingness to take on new, challenging projects and provide unique and creative solutions.
  • Willingness to think creatively on user designs and web interfaces.


  • Should have at least 1 year of Java development experience
  • Proven Object-Oriented design and programming experience
  • At least one year in web-based development
  • Proven Application Design and Development Experience
  • Proven Database Design, preferably in Oracle 8.0 or better


  • 1-5 years of industry business experience.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

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