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FPGA/ASIC Design Engineer

Job number: AE300-A66


This position will be involved in digital logic design and development utilizing FPGAs, CPLDs, and ASICs.

Responsible for the design of digital logic in xDSL high-speed modem reference design boards for a variety of customers. Will perform simulation and validation of various high density to low density FPGAs and ASICs to ensure that the design functions within its intended environment. Will work closely with the IC design team to provide technical system inputs and with Software and Marketing groups to coordinate development efforts and product shipment schedules. This person will use outstanding communication skills to write thorough documentation for all his/her designs.


  • Good understanding of high speed digital logic design for data and telecom systems.
  • Strong digital logic design, microprocessor based design experience, FPGAs, CPLDs, and simulation & verification skills.
  • Communications system engineering is a plus.


  • Experience working with customers on development/support of products to meet requirements.
  • Knowledge of communications standards is a plus.


  • BSEE with 3+ years of experience


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