One of the most common problems encountered in organizations with large numbers of documents is that of version control. All too often, multiple people are all working on a document at the same time. The difficulty, of course, comes when they all try to save their changes. In that case, whoever saves their changes last "wins" and overwrites everyone else's work.
infoRouter prevents this from happening by enforcing document integrity. In order to edit a document, you must first check the document out. While you have it checked out, other users will still be able to view the document, but they will not be able to edit it. Note that checking a document out is subject to document security.
To check a document out, perform the following:
  1. Select the document(s) you wish to Check Out by clicking on the check boxes located next to documents.
  2. Once you make your selection, click on the Check Out button located on the Select bar.

  3. Or
  4. Click on the Check Out icon located in the action column to check out a single document.

A document can only be Checked Out to one user at a time. To edit a document, you must have at least Change rights on the document.
More on this issue in Document Security

To check a document back in:
You have checked out a document and you have made your changes. Now you are save those changes back into infoRouter.
  1. Click on the Check In button located in the action column or select the document by clicking on the checkbox, then click on the Check In button on the "Select Bar".
  2. At the Check In window, click on the "Browse" button to navigate to the path where you downloaded your local copy and made your changes.
  3. Enter your comments (optional)
  4. Click on the Check In button
Notice that by default, the "Send Mail to Subscribers" is checked. If you feel that you have more work to do with this document and would not like to notify users just yet, then check the "Interim release, Do Not send mail" box.
Force Check In :
Force Check In is a special right that allows a user to undo a check out peformed by another user. This action unlocks the checked out document, allowing other users to check this document out and make changes.

In order to be able to Force Check In a document, you must be the owner of the document, have Full Control rights, or be the System Administrator.
To Force Check In a document:
  • Select a checked out document
  • Click on the checkin button located in the action column

Document ownership overrides all other security. Even though you may get an Access Denied message, as the owner of a document, you can always access the document security and give yourself FULL CONTROL. However, the System Administrator can change a document's ownership.