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Year 2000 Statement


  The product line of Centillium Communications, Inc. has no calendar implications and does not handle dates. We consider our product line to be fully Year 2000 compliant.

Other Items of Interest

    In addition to the product line Centillium is concerned with not only their partners and vendors, but also their internal hardware, operating system, applications, and equipment. 

    1. Suppliers and Partners

    Due to the nature of the business, Centillium relies on key partners and suppliers to assist in the development and manufacturing of products. We have sent a detailed Y2K Questionnaire to all major partners, vendors, and suppliers. The responses show that the majority of partners are Y2K compliant. All key partners and suppliers will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure Y2K compliance. If a partner or supplier fails to deliver a valid Y2K compliance statement, Centillium will be prepared to follow through with contingency plans.

    2. Internal Computer Systems Infrastructure

    The table below shows the compliance level of our internal equipment and software:

    Description Percent Complete
    Unix Equipment


    Unix - Operating System


    Unix - Application and Tools


    PC - Hardware (BIOS)


    PC - OS


    PC - Applications


    Other Equipment and Software



    Centillium is committed to delivering quality products through the Year 2000 and beyond. However, due to the dependence of external suppliers, partners, and software there can be no assurance that these systems and hardware do not contain undetected errors associated with the year 2000 date functions.

    If you require additional information, please contact:

David Hickman, IS Manager

[email protected]


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