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9/15/2006 EDN: What’s Wrong with IP TV?
  Electronic News sat down to discuss the future of Internet Protocol (IP) television, or IP TV, with Faraj Aalaei, CEO and co-founder of Centillium; Jim Bennette, VP of business development at Digital Fountain; Geng Lin, VP of Software Engineering at Netopia; and Jim Olson, executive VP at Tandberg TV. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. story
9/5/2006 Seeking Alpha: Winners and Losers in the Optical Communications Market
9/1/2006 Electronic Design: Digital Voice And Video Get A New VDSL2 Solution
8/30/2006 DigiTimes: TSMC looking to charge SMIC US$130 million for alleged stolen IP
  The failure of SMIC to comply with the terms of a cross-licensing agreement between the China-based foundry and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has led TSMC to claim damages of US$130 million in the Superior Court of the State of California, according to TSMC. TSMC has accused SMIC of developing design rules that are a little too much like TSMC design rules, with a TSMC court filing claiming that SMIC is marketing an 0.18-micron process that incorporates TSMC intellectual property (IP) in over 70% of the steps described. TSMC believes that SMIC has offer services to TSMC's customers including Broadcom, Centillium, Marvell, Xilinx, Zoran, Altera, PMC-Sierra, Atheros and Nvidia that incorporate or use derived TSMC IP and trade secrets. story
8/3/2006 IPso Facto...
7/15/2006 Research and Markets: DSL IC Chipsets: The Emergence of VDSL2
7/14/2006 Research and Markets: System on a Chip - Global Strategic Business Report
7/10/2006 Research and Markets: Semiconductors - Global Strategic Business Report

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