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Centillium Paves The Way For IPTV and Video Services Delivery to the Multimedia Home



New ADSL Chipsets Usher in High Definition IPTV and Other Premium Services



FREMONT, Calif., March 6, 2006 – Centillium Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTLM), a leading provider of broadband access solutions, today announced its Maximus™ III and Pharos™ III ADSL chipsets for the central office (CO), optimized to bring high definition quality to next-generation video and IPTV applications for service providers and telcos around the globe. Leveraging the company’s innovative extremeDSLMAX technology, Maximus III and Pharos III are one of the industry’s first chipsets to support dual latency and enhanced impulse noise protection (INP), providing the end-user with a more reliable video and multimedia experience.


New video applications such as IPTV are native to IP domain, giving carriers the freedom to mix video and data to create new modes of entertainment that include interactive gaming, and multimedia on-demand. For telcos and new service providers looking to break into the emerging IPTV and video on demand services, Centillium’s Maximus III and Pharos III chipsets provide the ultimate solution to compete with the traditional video services offered by the cable operators. Centillium’s unique INP and dual latency technology provides superior protection against noisy DSL lines and offers extremely high bandwidth and sophisticated QoS demanded by multimedia homes of the future.


“The introduction of our Maximus III and Pharos III chipsets is a testament to our commitment to pave the way for IPTV and video delivery into the mainstream and make the multimedia home of the future a reality,” said Didier Boivin, vice president of marketing, Centillium Communications. “Our newest chipsets demonstrate to service providers that they can achieve quality without compromise, arming them with a unique capability to roll out bundled, value-added services that can significantly increase their average revenue per user.”


 “We see tremendous opportunity with Centillium’s ADSL2+ technology and its critical role in the deployment of robust, high-quality video over DSL to residences,” said Christian Crickx, president & CEO, Avilinks.  Maximus III and Pharos III chipsets will enable operators to offer the quality of service that consumers have come to expect from traditional video as well as the ease and simplicity of a single connection for all premium services.”


“Centillium is tapping into a market on the cusp of a growth explosion,” said Steve Rago, principal analyst, iSuppli Corporation. “Over the next five years the demand for IPTV and video services will continue to grow by 92 percent and by the end of 2010 there will be sixty-three million IPTV subscribers.”


Centillium’s Maximus III and Pharos III solutions offer pin-to-pin compatibility with previous versions and are fully compliant with enhanced standards (992.3 and 992.5). The chipsets also provide the highest level of integration and reduced bill-of-material cost to equipment manufacturers as well as one of the industry’s best rate/reach performances based on a sophisticated hybrid design.


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Both Maximus III and Pharos III will have engineering samples in Q2’06.


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Centillium Communications, Inc. is a leading innovator of high performance, cost-effective semiconductor solutions that give consumers, enterprises and service providers the winning edge in broadband access. The company’s complete, end-to-end system-on-chip solutions accelerate development time-to-market for “last mile” products with Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP) and Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. Centillium products include digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits and related software for DSL and FTTP central office and customer premises equipment and VoIP solutions for carrier- and enterprise-class gateways and consumer telephony. Centillium is a global company with headquarters in Fremont, CA. Additional information is available at www.centillium.com.


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