All users must have a valid account in infoRouter before they can use it. infoRouter user accounts are created by the System Administrator and are stored in infoRouter's own security database. Your user account is what identifies you both to the system and to other users. It allows you to check documents in and out, and it allows you to be granted permissions within the document and folder security framework.
There are three types of Users:
  • Regular Users
  • Anonymous Users
  • Read Only Users
Regular Users: Regular users are created by the System Administrator and given a username and password. They must be specifically granted access to folders and documents before they can view or edit documents.
Anonymous Users: Anonymous Users are NOT created. They exist inherently whenever Anonymous Domains are created by the System Administrator. These users cannot be tracked or audited. They cannot be given any specific permissions. They can only view documents that allow anonymous access.
Read Only Users: Read Only Users are created by the System Administrator. They log in just like regular users. Their actions appear in the audit logs because they can be identified individually. A Read Only user cannot edit, delete, or modify settings for any existing document or folder, and they cannot create new documents or folders.