When authors publish documents into folders that are subject to Reviews, infoRouter creates a task for the author to submit this new document for review. This task is also sent to the author by email.
When the author is satisfied with the content of the document, he/she will submit this document for review. When this happens, reviewers receive an email from infoRouter indicating that their review is requested. If you get such a notice, navigate to your tasks window by clicking on the "Tasks" link located on the yellow bar.
In the Tasks window, you will see the two sets of tasks designated to Authors and Reviewers. This window displays all tasks assigned to you as you may be defined as both an Author as well as a Reviewer.
To review a document, perform the following:
  1. Navigate to the Tasks window by clicking on the My Tasks button.
  2. Click on the Documents To Be Reviewed link.
  3. In the window that appears, locate the document(s) you wish to review.
  4. Here you have three options:

    1. Click on the In Review link to reserve or acknowledge that you are going to review this document. You may come back to this document to review it and make a decision later.
    2. Reject this document. Clicking on this link will send this document back to its owner. It will take it out of your tasks, and place a new task in the task list of the owner.
    3. Approve this document. This action ends the cycle until this document is edited again. If an approved document is edited, the review cycle to which it belongs starts all over again.