All users must have a valid account in infoRouter before they can use it. infoRouter user accounts are created by the System Administrator and are stored in infoRouter's own security database. Your user account is what identifies you both to the system and to other users. It allows you to check documents in and out, and it allows you to be granted permissions within the document and folder security framework.
The System Administrator can reduce the time it takes to add infoRouter user accounts by importing users directly from your existing Windows 2000/NT user database.
To import Windows 2000/NT Users, perform the following:
  1. Click on the Control Panel link.
  2. Click on Users.
  3. Click on Import NT Users.
  4. Enter the Windows 2000/NT Domain Name and click on Show Users.
  5. Select the appropriate NT User Group from the drop down list. (Example: Domain Users) This may take a few seconds. Wait until the user list is refreshed.
  6. If you want to create the user group inside of infoRouter, make sure that the "Create Usergroup" checkbox is checked.
  7. If you have an email account naming convention where your Windows 2000/NT login usernames are also a users email address, you may enter your company email URL to automatically create the email address information for the imported users in infoRouter.
  8. Based on how you would like to authenticate your users, select the appropriate radio button. Learn more about this in user authentication.
  9. Finally, select your method to create passwords. If you choose to assign them randomly, infoRouter will display a list of imported users along with their assigned passwords. Otherwise, you can assign everyone the same password. If you select this, users will be prompted to change their passwords at the time of their first login.
For users authenticated by Windows 2000/NT, the import result will not display passwords. This is because infoRouter will not rely on generated passwords, but will rather rely on Windows 2000/NT to verify the ID and Passwords of the incoming users. If these users choose to be authenticated from infoRouter, they can create a password in infoRouter and choose "infoRouter" as their Authentication Authority at login. Make sure to read the authentication section for important setup information for Windows 2000/NT Authentication to function properly.