Please Note: Only the System Administrator can create a custom property set.
To create a Custom Property Set, perform the following:
  1. Click on the Control Panel link.
  2. Click on the Custom Properties link.
  3. Click on the New Custom Property Set link.
  4. Enter the name of the property set you wish to create. You may not use spaces or special characters.
  5. Enter a caption for the property set. This is what will appear to the user. Again, you may not use spaces or special characters.
  6. If the property set only applies to folders or documents, make sure that you have the appropriate checkboxes checked or unchecked. Click the Update button.
  7. Select the Property Set name you just created and click on the fields link to define the set.
  8. In the Property Set Fields window, create the fields to be prompted when this set is selected.
  9. You may define four types of fields:
    • Text Box
    • Combo Box
    • Radio Button
    • Check Box
  10. Notice that if you select a Combo Box prompt type, an Options button appears.
  11. Enter the desired number of fields which you wish to create.
  12. Repeat the process until all fields are defined.
Security Considerations:
Property Sets are defined by the System Administrator. However, once initially defined, they can be filled in by authors.