The download queue is an area where you can place documents for future downloading. Although you can download multiple documents directly from a folder using another mechanism, the download queue allows you to navigate to a series of different folders and select documents for downloading. Once you are ready to download your selections, you can navigate to the download queue to begin the download transfer.
How to add documents to your download queue:
  1. Select your documents by clicking on the checkbox located to the left of your documents.
  2. Click on the Add to Queue button on the Select Bar.
How to begin the download transfer of documents from your download queue:
Now that you have added your documents to your queue, you can navigate to your download queue to download your documents.
  1. Click on the Queue button located on the bottom of your screen to navigate to your queue.
  2. In this screen, you can pick all or a partial list of documents to download.
  3. Once you make your selection, click on Download Zip from the Select bar to download the selected documents.

The documents placed in the download queue remain there until you choose to remove them.