Domains are root-level folders which cannot be modified by users. Only the System Administrator can create and delete domains. Domains can be thought of as the containers in which users exist and work. User accounts are created in domains and unless they are guests in other domains, they will not be able navigate outside of their domains. In fact, they will not even be able to see other domains at all. There are two types of Domains.
  • Common Domains
  • Anonymous Domains
Why use Anonymous Domains?
Anonymous Domains are used to publish public documents into a common area where everyone who can navigate to the domain can access documents without having to log on or be defined as an infoRouter user. Anonymous users will be able to click on and view documents in anonymous domains (subject to security) but only logged in users will be able to edit documents.
Common uses of Domains
  • To form a private work group area. For example, the Human Resources department may be set up with a domain that only they can see and access.
  • To store sensitive documents or projects in a private area. For example, the Legal department may have contractual requirements to keep documentation separate from general-purpose documentation.
  • Allow customers, partners, and vendors access to specific isolated areas (via anonymous domains) without having to give them access to everything else.
To create a Domain:
  1. Click on the Control Panel link.
  2. Click on Domains.
  3. Click on New Domain.
  4. At the New Domain screen, enter a name for the new domain and click OK.
To manage a Domain:
  1. Click on the Control Panel link.
  2. Click on Domains.

  3. or
  4. Click on the root-level Domain folder.
  5. Then click on the Domain Management link.