To view the properties of a document, click on the properties icon located in the Action column.
In the document properties window, you will see the following information presented.
Name of the document
Note: You should not name documents using any of the following special characters
( \ , / , : , * , ? , " , < , > , | )
Description of the document
Update Instructions:
Any text entered in this field will be displayed in the body of the e-mail message that is sent out to subscribers.
Tracking Number:
A user-defined, free form field. If you interface to infoRouter from other systems that track documents or images, enter the tracking number used by the interfacing system or software.
Creator of the document
Document ID:
The Document ID is a unique identifier used internally by infoRouter. Using this document number, System Administrators can easily locate this document on the server.
Creation Date:
The creation date of the document
Modification Date:
Date and time of last modification (if any)
Last version:
Latest Version Number
Document size (in bytes)
The name of the folder where the document resides
Checked Out By:
Name of user that currently has the document checked out (if any)
Check Out Date:
The date when this document was checked out (if any)
Displays the existing keywords associated with the document (if any)