When authors publish documents into folders that are subject to reviews, infoRouter creates a task for the author to submit this new document for review. This task is also sent to the author by email.
You may view your tasks by navigating to the My Tasks window. To do this, click on the My Tasks button. The Tasks window displays all tasks assigned to you. Note that tasks may be assigned to you as both a Reviewer and as an Author.

Documents created in folders subject to review are not automatically included in the review cycle. As the author, you must submit it for review when you are done making changes to the document. You may choose to edit your document multiple times before you submit it for review.

To submit a document for review, perform the following:
  1. Navigate to the Tasks window by clicking on the My Tasks button.
  2. Click on the Submit Documents for Review link.
  3. In the window that appears, locate the document(s) you wish to submit for review.
  4. Click on the submit link located beside the document in the list to submit it for review.
    Notice that it will disappear from this list, and gets added to the "Documents ready for review" List.
  5. This action also creates a task in the task list of all persons defined as reviewers in the folder in which this document was created. All reviewers in the list will also be notified via email that a task was added to their list.
Alternatively, you may submit a document for review by setting its status to "Ready for Approval." This can be done by navigating to the document properties of the document and clicking on the Edit button located inside the section labeled "Document Status."